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Travel & Teach Abroad ESL Teach Abroad simplifies the idea of teaching English as a Foreign Language with a simple upload tool to our teachers resume database. If you are TEFL certified and have a batchlors degree this is the best place to find a great contract with English that is taught in foreign universities, language schools, government schools and private international schools worldwide so we assure a fantastic position for the level of English you wish to teach.

The basic elements of ESL Teach Abroad is to work with schools around the world for English teachers that want to teach English as a foreign language offering free accommodation, work permit expenses, flight reimbursement and health insurance cover. All you have to do is upload your resume and follow the procedures in our Resumé Control Centre and your on the way to travelling and teaching abroad.

Our service is free of charge and done in a secure environment with all information encrypted. Your resumes will be archived after employment and under request can be made live again to continue searching for jobs the following year after contract completion with schools. Our Subscription email is a superb method to learn more about us and how we work with the world's schools and what we offer. If it's not fun we don't do it that's our theme in fact it's how we want you the teacher to love what you do teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you worried about not been TEFL educated please talk to us we will guide you from a target Asian learners 120 Hour TEFL qualification to a basic online TEFL that is excepted around the world. 

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Teach in China

Times have changed teaching English in China with visa and work permit laws on the move and an Evaluation System for Foreign Language Experts test to obtain a work permit meaning at some point you might be asked to take the test before arrival.

There are numourous doubts about this test but in reality it's simple and fast to complete and is just another method to make teachers aware that to be a part of the Chinese system one should be able to know a little about it's culture. We did some research for you on this and placed it on our forum where you can learn how to take the test and what each category requires in terms of answers. Foreign Language Experts Test

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